About Us

What Does The K-9 Unit Do?

The primary purpose of canines trained for police work is to make the police officer’s job safer. Police dogs serve an important role because they are often used in high-risk situations.  Our K-9 Unit will receive training in narcotics, patrol, article detection and tracking.

Our Mission 

The Center Line Public Safety K-9 Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation created for charitable purposes.  Our mission is to provide financial support to the Center Line Public Safety Department’s K-9 Unit.

Although the Center Line Public Safety K-9 Foundation is entirely independent of the Center Line Public Safety Department, the Foundation works in cooperation with the K-9 Unit to identify and provide for needs that are unable to be funded through the City’s budget.

The Foundation seeks to offer opportunities through fund raising from the area business’ and community members to support law enforcement by making tax-deductible donations.  The Foundation also works as an educational resource for the community, helping to explain how the K-9 Unit benefits both the community and the Public Safety Department.

Board of Directors

President: Paul Myszenski, Director of Public Safety

Secretary: Sarah Mistretta

Treasurer: Gregory Suma

Fundraising Chair: Patricia Malburg

Members: Lt.Thomas Costello, Officer David Allen (Non-Voting)